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SewerFix - rats in drains, smelly drain and CCTV drain inspections

SewerFix specialises in preventing rodents from entering your drains and home from sewer systems

Rats can hold their breath for 3 minutes which is enough time to swim through your drain pipes and enter your home. For peace of mind and expert advise on how rodents are entering your property call SewerFix today: 01483 273 478


Rats can swim and can also enter your home through your drain pipes and sewer system. Prevent rodents with our one-way valve system, fitted for your peace of mind.


Unsure what is causing blockages or where rodents are entering your plumbing? We carry out drain inspections to get to the root of your problem.

bad smell drAin CLEARING & CLEANING

We clean and clear sewer systems with our pressure jet system. This will assist in clearing any blockage and help us to be able to do a CCTV drain inspection.

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